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Ipanema Sol 

capsule collection

Skills Displayed

spring 2022

surface print design 

fashion illustration 

textile testing research

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Photoshop 

Acrylic Paint



Textiles Used

100% of fabrics made up of ECONYL yarn

derived from recycled nylon fibers that would have been waste

key traits

UV resistant 

moisture wicking 


color safe


Floral Print Motif

started with an acrylic painting of a hibiscus flower (native to the Ipanema region of Brazil)

scanned the painting into Adobe Photoshop and compressed the palette into just 8 colors 

Floral Print Design Variations

created a tossed pattern layout with varying sizes of the motif in Adobe Photoshop 

manipulated patterns into 2 additional color palettes 


filled garment outlines with swatches in Adobe Illustrator  

Leaf Pattern Manipulation

started with a hand carved inverse leaf stamp,

when inked and printed created an artistic leaf motif


scanned the leaf print into Adobe Photoshop 


manipulated vector image of the motif into any pattern variations

Conversational Print creation

designed scenic motif in Procreate app

imported motif into Adobe Illustrator 

arranged motif into pattern

filled garments with pattern using swatches on Adobe Illustrator

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